unnamed D&D

Session 1

The adventurers embarked on a journey to Westhaven, from their respective homes, on a request for assistance from Lord Symond, the Duke of Westhaven.

Princess Faye was escorted via horse and carriage by Gregor and a few guards from Westhaven; Reptilius walked the journey alone.

The trip was mostly uneventful for both adventurers, until they were about 2 hours away from Westhaven when the carriage was ambushed by a group of goblins. Reptilius was nearby and able to assist against the attackers.

The driver and 3 guards were killed and Gregor was badly hurt in the assault, but the characters managed to defend themselves. An unidentified force seemed to be assisting by taking out the archers on the ridge.

After the last goblin was taken down, Gregor tended to his wounds as the other searched the bodies for any valuables or clues. They found nothing to indicate a particular clan or organization, but did find a number of coins.

A lone elf named Thia revealed herself from the top of the ridge and joined the adventurers below. She was on her way to Westhaven and followed the goblins’ tracks to flank them from the rear during their assault. The other adventurers mention they are both on their way to Westhaven as well and, after moving the bodies off into the tall grass and detaching the dead horse from the carriage, the adventurers set off for Westhaven together.

The adventurers notice some of the furthest farms have been burned and destroyed.

The adventurers finally make it to Westhaven and meet with Lord Symond. They briefly discuss the problems with the goblins (the cause of the farmland destruction). His guards show them to their accommodations and they prepare themselves for a banquet where proper introductions can be made and Lord Symond can further discuss his need for assistance from the adventurers.



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